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Jesse Junck

My name is Jesse, and I'm thrilled to be offering services as an intern clinical counsellor for children, youth, and adults. My approach is grounded in the belief that each person possesses inherent strengths and inner wisdom and that accessing these aspects fosters both personal growth and well-being. 

In my counselling practice, I combine the principles of several therapeutic theories. Emotion-focused therapy informs deep exploration of feelings, facilitating emotional healing. Narrative therapy guides us in rewriting empowering life stories. The response-based approach underscores resilience amidst challenges, while cognitive behavioural therapy offers practical tools for positive change.  

Beyond my counselling aspirations, I have spent a decade teaching elementary school and eight years living abroad in Asia and Latin America. These experiences have given me a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives. 

As I transition to the role of an intern clinical counsellor, I bring a diverse background and a commitment to your well-being. I'm eager to join you on your journey toward self-discovery, growth, and a more balanced life. 

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